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Written two years ago in 2012, but — unfortunately! — still relevant, PLEASE PUT THAT PINK CAN OF SOUP DOWN & PUT YOUR BRA BACK ON — or — National No Bra Day & Breast Cancer Awareness Month  was turned into a Huffington Post article during Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2013.

Here is the original post…

And here is the Huffington Post article:

Huffington Post/ Please Put that Pink Can of Soup Down & Put Your Bra Back On

Thanks so much for reading…

All my best xxx


5 thoughts on “HUFFINGTON POST Article

  1. Leisha, I lost my sister to breast cancer in January of 2014. She was 58-years-old. As the youngest of the 10 kids in my family I am 16 years younger. Ellen was and is incredibly important to me. Thank you very much for taking the stand that you did in the Huffington Post. Watching this very important, life and death issue be marginalized and trivialized and made into a commodity is really disheartening. Just like your cancer battle (and being a former TV reporter/journalist I can promise you, I know) writing something like this took incredible courage and strength. I know this article was posted several years ago, in fact, it was while my sister was still alive. But, being a voice for people who are actually battling for their lives is a huge undertaking and takes immense bravery. Thank you.

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  2. Thank you. Thank you for your honesty, bravery, integrity, and willingness to speak your mind regardless of any potential backlash you may receive.

    Thank you for calling attention to a truth that exists in our society, though oftentimes shrouded in a pink veil of capitalism.

    Just, thank you . . .


    • Thank you so much, Jessica…I haven’t been to my blog in about a year because life has been so excruciatingly painful, but I decided I needed to return tonight because I’ve missed this community, my readers,…–and yours was the first comment I read. Your comment reminded me of the kindness & support that I deprived myself of by not returning, not writing. Thank you, I am grateful…


  3. Leisha, I share your soup can post with so many people. I had read it long before I was diagnosed, not knowing how deeply it would resonate after my diagnosis and treatments. I keep hoping for the best for you and your boys. Hugs and strength to you, Kathleen


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