Archive | October 1, 2015

Thank You For Standing By My Side

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Hello Dearest Reader,

A quick hello… I’m working on a Breast Cancer Awareness post since Pinktober is clearly upon us again, but in the meantime I just want to pop my head in after these months of silence. I’d like to thank everyone who has reached out to me in some way, who has continued to read & follow, who has shared my posts, or who has had a kind thought for me and/or my boys. You are a warm light in my life and I am grateful…

I apologize for this long & unplanned hiatus. I know you’ve said not to apologize and that I don’t need to feel pressure to post. But I do need to apologize. This blog should be an account of the best & worst of my story and everything in between. But when I feel at my worst and when my anticipated posts take a negative turn, I struggle with hitting the “publish” button, feeling my words may be too negative, or that my writing may not be good enough because I’m not feeling well and am not putting my best foot forward.

I need to push past this for sure… Especially during the month of pink. The truth is, this experience, my life since diagnosis, has not been pink. It has not been pretty. Have some elements been wonderful & bright? Yes, definitely! There have certainly been moments, hours, days that have been special & sweet. These moments are often because of kind, compassionate people who have touched my life or my boys’ lives in some special way during these years. And for that I am thankful.

But I will never be grateful for cancer. This story is filled with good and bad, ups and downs. And I know in my heart that these twists and turns need to be woven into my written story if I am to share the truth of this experience.

Thank you so much for standing by my side, for reading, following, sharing my words, for reaching out to me, for sending kind words, thoughts, wishes for my boys or for me. You are a bright light in my life & I am grateful…

Warmest wishes to you all…