Cancer In Many Languages by Morgan (Leisha’s son)

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This is me with Kevin (our big dog), weenie (our little dog), and puppy (my nanna’s dog) pretending to play xbox with me  🙂

This is Morgan, my mom’s son.  Thank you for your comments and nice messages and likes on my last post.

My mom has been sick with infections for a while and is very tired & not feeling well so i thought i would write another post for her.

This time I thought I would write a post so you could see what the word cancer is in languages around the world.  In English, it is CANCER.  Cancer is “a malignant growth or tumor resulting from the division of abnormal cells.”

“Cancerous tumors are malignant, which means they can spread into, or invade, nearby tissues. In addition, as these tumors grow, some cancer cells can break off and travel to distant places in the body through the blood or the lymph system and form new tumors far from the original tumor.”

This is CANCER in other languages:

















Rokh marĕng
ung thư

 ❤   🙂

There are more lanaguages and more words for cancer but i’m tired and my mom says i have to go to bed! But this should be enough to show you that cancer is such an important and major thing that there’s a word for it in every language. Every part of the world knows about cancer. It’s everywhere! Cancer doesn’t care who you are or where you live or what language you use. It’s a horrible disease!

Thank you for reading my mom’s blog and for supporting her. I know you mean a lot to her. I know she’ll be back and write again when she feels better. Shes been really tired but shes been on a lot of strong antibiotics for 6 or 7 wks now so i hope she’s better enough to write soon.

Thank you! Goodnight! from Morgan

❤     🙂       ❤      🙂      ❤     🙂

13 thoughts on “Cancer In Many Languages by Morgan (Leisha’s son)

  1. Morgan you are an exceptional writer! Your mom is lucky to have you help write her posts. Thanks for taking good care of your mom she is a strong and brave lady. Keep up with your writing


  2. Good job Morgan- thank you for being so helpful to your mom. You are a great writer and although we know she’s not well, it’s good to know you’re looking out for her and her fans. Hugs to you and W. Bryan says hi too! jme

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  3. Morgan thank you so much for blogging. Keep doing it if you can. You’re really good at it. Thank you also for teaching us so much about cancer. I’m sorry your mom is not feeling well. I hope that she feels better soon.

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  4. Thank you, Morgan – what a well thought out and well written post! Your Mom should be proud of you – obviously the gift of writing runs in your family. Please keep writing – I love seeing notifications from your Mom’s blog in my e-mail box. My thoughts and best wishes are with you, always.
    Ady in Israel

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  5. Morgan, You and your brother are such an inspiration to your Mom. I know that her love for you two is very deep and strong. You are what keeps your Mom going! You are a very special young man.

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  6. Great job Morgan. Thank you for teaching us a few new things today. I am sure your Mom is so proud of you for doing this for all of us. Go take good care of your Mom, and make sure you still have fun for yourself.

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  7. Morgan, you did a great job! You and your brother keep your Mom smiling. I know everyone says your Mom is brave, but she isn’t the only one-you are too. Thanks for the reminder that cancer is everywhere and that people are working around the world to help find a cure. ❤

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        • Thank you so much, Melissa… Things have been difficult but the boys & I are hanging in there… I can’t believe I’ve allowed so much time to pass since the last post–things were not going well & I’ve felt so crummy that it just became easier to not post. I know I should be posting when things are rough because the blog should be inclusive of the whole experience but I still struggle with sharing the negative. It’s something I need to push past for sure!! I’m going to throw a quick post up & am working on something for “Pinktober” but in the meantime I want to thank you for sticking by me & for your love and prayers — they mean a great deal to me & lift me up more than I can say… I hope life is being kind to you… Sending love & gratitude… Leisha


  8. What a fabulous son you are, writing a blog post for your Mom. You did a great job and I’m sure your mom is so very proud of you. Best wishes and hugs to your family.

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