Archive | April 23, 2015

Hello, My Friends… AND Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

breast cancer thirties 30s 30's bilateral mastectomy stage 3c IIIc illness

Again I am thoroughly amazed by how much time has passed since my last post…  But I couldn’t allow another day to pass without saying a quick “hello” to you…

I have so much to say, so much to share.  But finding the energy to tell you the things I’d like to tell you is something I’ve been struggling with.  Still.

Please know that I am grateful for everyone who continues to reach out to me or to have a passing thought about me — and/or my boys…  Your thoughts & kind words mean so much…

My warmest, most heartfelt good wishes for you all xxx

early bird 2 ——————

And you know how much I enjoy sharing my love of photography, so here are a few photos that reflect The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge theme: “Early Bird.”

breast cancer thirties 30's 30s family children weekly photo challenge early bird the daily post bilateral mastectomy island

If you would like to participate with your own photos, just click here or here.