I’ve Missed You — and Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

gator breast cancer thirties 30s 30's owl john deere gator world cancer day postaday weekly photo challenge object young twins kids

Hello dear readers,

I realized weeks ago that I had not yet posted in the New Year, but was feeling so awful that I just couldn’t force myself to do anything about it.  I decided tonight that this had to change this!

First of all, I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year.  May 2014 be filled with peace, joy, and (hopefully) health.  As I welcomed the New Year this year, my thoughts turned to family and friends rather than resolutions.  Even when it feels as though the world is crumbling around me, I know that I am fortunate in that I have good people in my life.  And I count you in that mix of important people who make my life better.  How many bloggers are fortunate enough to have readers email or leave comments to make sure they are alright?  I’m grateful to say that I am that one of those lucky people.

There is much I want to tell you and much I want to share — but I’ve been so crippled by pain and fatigue that I’m just going to have to share things in bits and pieces.  I hope you will continue to bear with me!

Until my next post, I will leave you with a couple of photos of the boys and a school owl they were asked to take care of and write about for a weekend.  These photos are from an Autumn ago.  There is far too much ice and snow on the ground for grass or light jackets or John Deere gators in the yard right now!  But the memories are nice…

All my very best to you —

breast cancer thirties 30s 30's world cancer day twins owl john deere gator

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44 thoughts on “I’ve Missed You — and Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

  1. The best of the new year to you. I’ve wondered about you often, worried I hadn’t heard in a while. Take care of yourself, surround yourself with those who love and care!


  2. it made my day to hear from you. wish I lived closer so I could do for you. You are so courageous. don’t stop. God loves you, Elisha . He has you in His arms.. He will always be there for you. Just call His name. You are in my prayers. You have 2 cute little boys. Love


  3. Wishing you all the best. So sorry to hear that you’re in pain. It’s so important to “break” when you need to,….everyone will understand. Rest, as much as you can, and don’t forget to incorporate lots of healthy foods and vitamins into your daily regime. Here’s to a great 2014!!!


      • I know you have your hands full with your precious cargo and all (your boys),…. but just wanted to mention about the importance of making sure your B12 and iron, are on the up and up. As a nine year survivor of breast cancer, (BRCA 2, and triple-negative, ); I can’t tell you how many time these were checked, and they told me that everything was fine. I’ve learned by trial and error here to trust my own intuition about certain things. When you are healing, and under stress, your need for vitamins goes way up. One last thing-organic juices with deep robust pigmentation are not only great for tissue repair, and cleansing, but good for heart vitality as well. Best to you always, Cecilia.


  4. It’s good to read you. I appreciate even little bits, at a time: you’re a friend, now, so i care about you and want to know how and what you’re doing. Thank you.


  5. So glad to see you here again. I’m sorry you’re having a tough start to the year. You’re always in my thoughts. Sending much love and hoping the pain resides for you soon xoxox


  6. awwww, your boys are adorable! so glad you shared that photo of them. I wish you all you are hoping for and dreaming of in the new year; and right now, I am sending my best good thoughts for you to be free of pain and the awful fatigue. xoxox, karen


    • Thank you so much, Karen! I really appreciate your kind words and well wishes for the new year and for days with less pain and exhaustion. You are very thoughtful!

      Though we’ve never met, you are often in my thoughts. And I am sending my warmest of wishes in the hope that this new year is far kinder to you.


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  9. It is so good to hear from you. I am so sorry for your pain and fatigue. You will be in my prayers and I stop by your blog often to see what you’re up to, I was so happy to see a post from you! But, take care of yourself, your followers care about and only want the best for you. Warm hugs and thoughts for you.


  10. I’ve thought of you so many times since your last post, and am hoping that peace reigns in your home. I’m also hoping that 2014 will bring some relief from the pain and fatigue.
    All is well on my end, so no worries about me! Take care of you.


  11. I came looking for you because I hadn’t seen a post in my reader for ages. (Hey, Mr WordPress, it would be nice to tell me when new posts pop up. Please.) Happy new year to you too – I hope you are feeling better than you were when you wrote this post. I’d like to borrow the jeep, please – just right for my hectic lifestyle 🙂 Big hugs to you, girl xxx


    • Hi MM,
      Thank you for your lovely comment! I wish I could let you borrow the jeep — you’d have to travel quite a few miles for it, but I’m sure the boys would share!
      I wish I could say I was feeling better than when I wrote the post, but I can say that seeing a message from you has made me feel better! :-}
      Sending warm wishes and big hugs right back to you! xoxo


  12. My name is Kwen and I have read several of your blog entries and I am amazed at your courage and your grace. I do not have cancer and I don’t even try to imagine what it must be like. I friend of mine does; Helen has breast cancer and we have started a drive to raise money for breast cancer research. I invite you to follow us on Helens Fight on both Word Press and Face Book. I write eBooks and my newest “The Ghost in the Mini Skirt” is our donation vehicle. I’d like to give you one to read and review if you will provide an email. Mine is KDGriffeth@att.net. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best of everything.


    • Hi Kwen,
      Thank you so much for your kind words… I am sorry to hear about Helen’s cancer, but glad she has you for a friend. And I would love to read your new book! My email address is: cancerinmythirties@yahoo.com . Thanks so much for reaching out to me… and for using your writing for such a good cause. Warmest wishes to you & Helen, and I look forward to hearing from you!


  13. You have been missed, as you can see! I popped by several times and hoped that your absence was for positive reasons. I’m so sorry to hear you have been suffering and will continue to keep you in my heart and mind. Sending a gentle hug.


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