On the Radio

W and Lion

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, on the radio.  Sorry, I can’t get Donna Summer’s lyrics out of my head!

Good morning all…

I wanted to let you know that I will be on the radio tonight.

I almost didn’t mention it because I’m a bit rusty on the public speaking front.  Okay, a lot rusty.  But I reconsidered because I have a vested interest in the segment’s subject matter.  I have been asked to discuss breast cancer, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, pinkwashing, and events like “no bra days” on “The Afternoon Fix” radio show with Chuck Pullen on 1230AM WJOB in Chicago.

Just in case you are interested in tuning in, you can listen live on the station’s web site:


at 6 p.m. Eastern

(As a head’s up, their stream is .pls format (Shoutcast).  You can listen with iTunes.  Or use Windows Media Player, but you will need to install this plugin ahead of time.  Or you can use WinAmp.)

A representative from Breast Cancer Action will follow me to discuss the “Think Before You Pink” Campaign.

I think it will be worth a listen…

If I don’t screw it up, that is!  But you’ve all given me the confidence to continue to stand up for what I / we believe in, so I’ll give it my best shot [she says with a nervous laugh]!

p.s. I know the photo of W running from the cardboard lion has nothing to do with being on the radio, but I thought you’d appreciate a laugh.  We saw the lion and couldn’t resist!

21 thoughts on “On the Radio

  1. you’ll do great. you know the material, you are passionate about it, you are awesome, so what could go wrong?! NOTHING! just rock it, it will be great 🙂 XOXO


  2. You’ll do great! You know you’re material, you know your feelings about the topic, you know the facts on your topic, so….Go get em” like a lion! (connecting to your lion pic, lol!)
    I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts, and sending you positive energy (if that’s possible) during that time and plan to tune in. Thanks for the link to the radio station!


  3. Go, go, go girl!! You will make a difference – I know you will. Now I’m off to work out what time 6pm Eastern is ins the South of France so that I can hear you giving it some welly – I suspect that it will be stupid o’clock in the morning… 🙂


    • Aww, thank you, L! I think it went alright. I was sweating beforehand & glad it was radio! But I’ve been asked to do a video chat with The Huffington Post — which probably means I’ll have to brush my hair & wipe that chocolate stain off my shirt! 🙂
      Love you… xoxo


  4. I’m behind on reading posts (bit of a motorcycle accident), so let me just say that I can not wait to move forward and hear how well you did, because I’m sure you did! I also had not heard of the “Think Before You Pink” campaign …


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