WOW!!!… And It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Update:  Since I first drafted this in the morning, an overwhelming 26,000+ people have visited my little blog with over 42,000 page views today!!  Though my blog-writing has never been motivated by numbers (as evidenced by my often sporadic posts!), I can’t help but be incredibly appreciative.  When I first set out to tell my cancer story, I thought it would be seen by a handful of readers, at best.  To say that I am humbled by the number of visitors and the number of amazing comments that have come through today would be an understatement.  

I think the realities of breast cancer are often trivialized and “pinkified” so I am sincerely grateful to everyone who has taken the time to visit/read/comment.  I am sorry to say that my story is just one of many.  I’m hoping to pull together a list of these amazing blogs/bloggers soon.

Thank you all for reading — and, of course, thank you to the special people who are always there to “like” or comment on my posts, even when they are few and far between.   I am grateful to you all.


Imagine my surprise when I logged into my WordPress account last night and saw that over 2,800 visitors stopped into my little blog yesterday.  Now, for someone who’s daily page view number peak was something like 622, this was a bit of a shocker.  I figured it was a mistake.  

But this morning, I saw that it wasn’t.  Naturally, I decided to investigate.  It seems that it is Facebook that is bringing the lion’s share of these visitors to my blog.  And the post that’s bringing them here is one that’s pretty fitting given what time of year it is.

As you’ve probably surmised from the pink ribbons that have popped up in the aisles of your grocery store, it Pinktober a.k.a. Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I think by now most of you know how I (and a growing number of us) feel about October and the pink displays and endcaps that have appeared in stores across the country.  But I think it’s worth mentioning again.  I won’t rehash my thoughts here, but I encourage you to visit the post that is circulating around Facebook and the Internet.  I wrote it around this time last year on one of two National No Bra Days (there’s a fake one and a real one!) — NATIONAL NO BRA DAY & Breast Cancer Awareness Month (OR Put That Pink Can of Soup Down & Put Your Bra Back On) and then reposted in July (for the ACTUAL no bra day).

Though I don’t think it is that great a post, I AM thrilled that it is being read and I hope it generates thought, discussion, whatever.  Even if it creates a paradigm shift for one person who woke up this morning planning to post a National No Bra Day comment on their Facebook page, or if it makes one person with or without breast cancer feel as though they aren’t alone with their thoughts about how big businesses are profiting from and glorifying this deadly cancer, then I will be thrilled.

18 thoughts on “WOW!!!… And It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    • Hi Zoe! So glad to see you. Hanging in there. Haven’t been feeling well and going through more testing, so we shall see…
      How are you doing?? I think of you so often and feel as though I’m here so rarely that I’ve missed a lot. Always sending good thoughts & hugs your way… xoxo


      • Hello,

        Sorry things are so rough. I too think of you often.

        I’m doing well. A couple big changes, Hubby was finally able to find work! Yay! It seems we will be having a teenager move in with us in the very near future. (our daughter from another mother…lol) She came to visit us for two weeks, and decided she wanted to live here. She’s since gone back home to pack up an prepare to move. She’s 18, and troubled but we love her as if she was our own.

        Sending you big hugs and support. xo


  1. I appreciated your post that is circulating on Facebook, that’s where I saw it. I’m proud of you for putting into words what you felt and sharing it…it needed to be said and you did it well. Thank you. It sounds as if you are not doing well, so I’ll be praying for you if that’s ok with you. Once again, thank you.


  2. I remember that post! I’m glad that you’re being given air time over social media – your post shows the other side of the big bucks commercial coin very well indeed. I hope that everything’s going ok for you and you little smiles on legs. Hugs x


  3. Thank you for your blog, I’m sharing on my wall to counter the silliness from “living The Cute Life’ Love and best wishes to you xx


  4. I am so glad it got reposted and spread via FB! I was moved by your heartfelt and authentic response to the pink flood – one I can identify with completely. I am just grateful that in the floods of pink cookies and cakes, no bra day has not caught on in my part of the world. As one of the many “Bold & Breastless” here in Israel, it is perhaps the last thing I want flaunted in my face. I miss my breasts enough, thank you very much. Good health to you and Shalom!


  5. How amazing that you’re being recognized and read in those numbers… your writing is wonderful, and your difficult story beautifully told, in your blog. It’s wonderful that others are discovering what some of us on WP have been privileged to know for quite a while – that you have an important story to tell, and tell it with clarity and honesty. You stay in my prayers, and I look forward to your posts, as you continue to share your journey with us. XOXO


  6. I am a Breast Oncology Nurse Navigator, and as much as I understand that people often need to have something tangible to latch onto (such as a pink ribbon) in order to feel like they aren’t totally helpless, I couldn’t agree more with you about the amount of greed-driven “pinkifying” that has happened over the last decade or so. I applaud you for your strength, and for speaking a truth that not everyone wants to hear, but certainly needs to. We’ll never be rid of this awful disease if we all believe the false security that the pink campaign promises, as so much of it is built on empty promises that only line the pockets of people who really couldn’t care less about the realities of breast cancer.


  7. I have never had breast cancer nor have I had any type of cancer so I would not dare to try to comment on the struggles that you and many other women (and men) have gone through fighting this nasty disease. I will say that although I agree with your comments regarding the profits made by certain companies with the premise of raising money for breast cancer I disagree with the encompassing message that anyone wearing pink or wanting to support breast cancer by taking off their bras isn’t being sincere. Please do not misunderstand my comment as negative my thoughts are purely that isn’t any awareness better than no awareness? I wish you all the best and strength in your fight.


    • As I’d commented on the other page, I was diagnosed during pink month, and in my fog of shock and fear, the efforts others were going to with the pink stuff actually did help me feel less alone and did help.


  8. That is truly amazing and absolutely wonderful, not only for your story but for the cause of raising awareness for breast cancer!! Bravo to you I wish I could raise 1/2 those numbers for the awareness and research for Parkinson’s disease. Your truly an inspiration on do many levels.


  9. I’m one of the thousands of people who came here from a link shared on Facebook. I believe your excellent post is taking off because it taps into a huge frustration so many are feeling these days with all the cutesy attempts to be trendy and cool around this topic. As anyone who’s stood by the bedside of a breast cancer sufferer knows, there’s nothing cute or cool about it. Your brave photo and eloquent words are the slap upside the head many people need – thank you for sharing!


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  11. Thank you. I am not a breast cancer survivor but I am an advocate for the dignity of all women. I say going bra-less for women who don’t have breasts doesn’t show solidarity. Thank you for being a brave voice for dignity.


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