Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside — A Word From the Dogs


Let’s Make a Break for It!

I failed miserably with my plan to write a complete non-Weekly Photo Challenge post this week.  And now it’s Thursday at 12:47 a.m.

ImageI’d love to blame a brief stint in the hospital, too many doctor’s appointments, a lengthy to-do list, nightly struggles with 4th grade homework x 2, tear-filled boys who do not want to go to bed, crippling fatigue, high-maintenance canines, a husband who was logged enough hours to equal days worth of playing time since our local video store opened on Tuesday (10 a.m.) with the newly-released Grand Theft Auto Five (if you’re not sure what that is, please see photo to the left), and blah, blah, blah… but I won’t bother.  Instead, I will just present you with another photo challenge and I’ll hope you keep returning while I’m on my downswing!


Well, much to my chagrin, it seems I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open for long enough to post this one, so I’m going to turn it over to the dogs — literally!

For this week’s challenge, titled “Inside,” Kevin and Ginger (or Big and Little as I often call them) are sharing the view from inside our kitchen out to our empty, unfenced backyard.  To me it looks like an empty not-quite-green palette that I long to paint.  To the dogs (my favorite Houdinis) it looks like the open road to FREEDOM!

Kevin & Ginger:  “Yep, all we need to do is pull the front door handle or slide the back screen open — and we DO know how to do this! — and we are free!  There’s no fence to stop us!  It drives our Mom crazy because she has to keep the doors closed ALL the time (even in the summer) and hold onto our collars whenever anyone goes in or out of the house — and that’s A LOT because the twins are always going in and out!  But she knows we’ll take any chance we can get to run away.  And then she has to run through the neighborhood for hours to catch us.  It scares the hell out of her!  It’s SO much fun!!”

Me:  “Yes, it’s a real hoot!”

Kevin & Ginger:  “So these photos are of us trapped INSIDE.  I remember when Mom took these.  She unlocked the glass door for a few minutes while the boys carried the compost out to the compost bin.  She was watching us like a hawk ’cause she knew what we were thinking.  We were working hard to figure out how to unlock the door again.  See the smoke coming out of our ears?”

Kevin:  “Ooh, look, you can see where I scratched big holes in the screen.  See the tape she put on them?  I have no trouble pulling that right off.  Silly Mom!”

Ginger:  “Anyway, I just uploaded the photo — it’s at the top of the post.  I’m the little one.  Kevin’s the big one.  Thanks for reading Mom’s blog!”

Kevin:  “Ooh, I just found a picture of our butts.  I’m going to put that one in for fun.  Don’t tell my Mom.”


Our Cheeky Bums!

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside — A Word From the Dogs

  1. You guys are so clever- smelly dog has no idea how to open a door, let alone a sliding screen door. Tell your Mum to keep her chin up because periods like that don’t last. Oh, yeah, do her a favour and bury that video game in the garden. Big pats and strokes, MM. P.S. I know you can open the door, but I’m sure you got help to type your post.


    • We will tell our Mom — we know she always appreciates your comments! And if smelly dog needs some tips on escaping, we’re the dogs to talk to — we’d be happy to give some tips! And we’ll get to work on the game burying! Good thinking!
      —– Thank you, MM! 🙂


  2. I have a child in grade 5. I understand your struggles with homework and bedtime, hope things start looking up for you soon.. Miss your posts but glad to see this one..


  3. I think Kevin and Ginger made an excellent job of putting this post together. Hopefully, while they were doing so, you managed to get some well deserved rest. Looking forward to when you feel able to post again Leisha. Thinking of you and sending love and hugs from across the pond.
    Chris xxx


  4. There are times life — for better or for worse — gets in the way. I have been having trouble finding time to write some of the posts I have been itching to do, but the photo challenges at least provide the chance to “touch base”, say hello to our community of blogging friends, and oftentimes still weave in a little of what we want to say. We used to have a goofy twosome who also in their younger years found the open door an opportunity to break free. *sigh* 🙂


    • You are right, Kat. Thank you for making me feel better about the photo challenges. And I’m glad you’ve continued to do them — I always enjoy your photos and stories.
      That’s funny that you also had an escaping duo — I see all of these dogs dutifully following their owners and was beginning to think mine were an enigma, or that I was driving them to want to run away! 😉


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