FROM MY SON, M.  He thought this was important and needed to be shared with my readers:

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my mom is always telling me to eat my vegetables and wash my hands.

she said a  million times that ” I have a higher chance of getting cancer because my mom got it when she was so young.”  so I have to make healthy choice’s so I don’t get cancer.  That means I need to eat my vegetables and fruit.  I know I shud.  But I dont like to.  My Mom doesnt want me to get cancer when Im her age.  


my mom makes me wash my hands a lot.  espeshally after i come home from school.  my mom makes me yous soap and hot water.

some times it gets annoying but I no why she she make me do these things.

i have to wash my hands because her white counts are really low.  and she gets infectshuns really easy.  and fevers easy.  she had to be in the hospital a long time for infectshuns.

So I wash my hands because i dont want her to be sick.  and i dont want her to go to the hospital.

i dont like to wash my hands or eat my vegetables but i love my mom!


        • I didn’t. I’ve been “offline” for a couple days. ‘Ugh’ doesn’t sound good — I have a few more comments to reply to and then I’m going to head over to your blog, though I’m almost afraid to! 😦


            • I’m okay. I started a new treatment that has made me feel generally unwell & has given me a decent fever, so I’m feeling crappy now, but should be doing better soon. Thanks for asking!

              And I just finished reading your post a moment ago. I’m so sorry you had this experience! It’s terrible that the technician took a situation that is generally uncomfortable for any woman, and made it unbearable because of her insensitivity to your PTSD (and because she wouldn’t even stop to listen to you so you could tell her about it!). No wonder you were traumatized!
              I would think in this day and age — and in a profession where you deal with women in compromised positions every day, there would be sensitivity training to make technicians not risk setting people back months in therapy — or to keep them from upsetting a woman so much that she doesn’t return for another mammogram!

              I had a male gyn for my first lady exam who didn’t take my history seriously — so it was a very traumatic appointment. This was years ago, though, so I can’t believe so much insensitivity still exists in the medical community when it comes to rape/sexual abuse and how we handle ‘personal’ appointments.

              I’m so sorry this happened. I was proud of you for going and my heart sank when you said that she wouldn’t even give you a robe. Ugh, I’m so sorry… xo


              • I’m sorry you’re feeling so rough right now. I truly hope it improves for you. When my friends suffer my heart breaks. I hope you’re able to get some rest and a break from treatment!

                Thank you so much for your compassion. You know I didn’t even really know why I was upset until I blogged it out…lol
                Then I people were outraged about how I was treated, and I realized it wasn’t just me over reacting or being hyper sensitive. It truly wasn’t right.
                I’m glad (sort of) I got it done, but not by her. I’d probably at this point be to traumatized to do it again if I had too.
                I’m sorry you had a really bad experience with a gyn…that kind of thing never leaves a person eh?!
                I hope those caring for you now are kind!! xo


  1. Your mum’s right – no mum wants their child to get ill. You’re a team, and everyone in the team washes their hands so that you’re all strong enough to fight you’re mum’s illness together. I do sympathise on the vegetables, and I hate spinach. But shhh, don’t tell your mum 😉


  2. I know I am 41 and “groan up” but I get tired of washing my hands too; dirt is great (just kidding). The funny part here is that your boys look so good in the pic and clearly soap was involved to get them to that point. Hmmm, better not tell them….I suspect looking good in a picture is not high on their list of rewards….


    • I know, I get tired of it, too! And I never used to mind dirt or germs. I remember playing outside all summer and coming in grubby and dirty and loving it.
      I hate to be such a drag, but I’m not keen on spending more time in the hospital — I’m sure you understand! So I’m a huge nag and I beg & plead with them.
      I’m glad he wrote this — it shows me he gets it, even if his daily moans and groans tell me otherwise! 😉 Thanks for the comment about the photo — it was their Pre-K “graduation” so they had to get tidied up.
      And thanks so much for taking the time to visit & comment, CC! 😉


  3. A little boy’s opinion on vegetables and washing his hands… it takes on a whole new meaning when your Mommy is fighting for her life. Love you guys! Thank you for sharing your journey with everyone. Always thinking of you guys.


  4. What a touching, thoughtful blog by your little boy! I just have to share this, too. You are a very brave woman and a loving mother – and your kids see that. You see how much they also try to show you that they’re trying to learn the lessons of your life? How sweet of them…how sweet of you, too, to be everything to your kids even with the illness. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Godbless!


    • Thank you so very much for following and for such a thoughtful comment. You’ve made my week with your touching words… And thank you for sharing this — my little guy will be so pleased!
      I look forward to visiting your blog and I’m so glad you found your way here…
      My warmest wishes…


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