Daily Prompt: Tourist Trap

cancer in my thirties 30's 30s breast young puerto rico
I don’t often participate in The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt challenges, but this one caught my eye because it asks for photos that illustrate vacation. You all know how much I love to take and share vacation photos, so I couldn’t resist.

Here are a few favorites you haven’t seen yet. All were taken during our holiday in Puerto Rico:

cancerinmythirties.wordpress.com breast cancer thirties 30's 30s young vacation puerto rico

breast cancer thirties 30's 30s puerto rico young

breast cancer thirties 30's 30s young puerto rico

breast cancer thirties 30's 30s young puerto rico

breast cancer thirties 30's 30s young puerto rico

breast cancer thirties 30's 30s young puerto rico

breast cancer thirties 30's 30s young puerto rico

As always, thank you for visiting. Your “likes” and comments brighten my world!

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17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Tourist Trap

      • Wonderful! The Collective is a supportive group of talented people who enjoy taking and sharing photos and experiences. All have been touched by mental health issues in one way or another, either themselves or family or friends, from situational depression or anxiety to major diagnosed illnesses, and everything in between. We would just need a copy the photos you would like to submit, along with a little bio about you including any mental health connections, and an “about this photo” blurb for each photo or series. There is more submission info on the site, or please feel free to email me with any questions at all or submissions. brokenlightcollective@gmail.com Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂 I found your photos to be powerful without even knowing your story, or my close connection to your struggles.


        • Thanks so much! While I don’t suffer from mental illness myself, I am close to several people who do — and in my old life I worked for a not-for-profit that served people with all depths and types of mental illness. Though I worked on the administrative side of things, I often interacted with ‘clients’ and grew to understand, appreciate, and care very much for the people our NFP was created to help.
          I don’t know if this qualifies me to participate but, if so, I would love to contribute to your collective! I plan to visit your site to find out more, but if you don’t hear from me soon (I’m very tired and forgetful these days!), feel free to email me a reminder! cancerinmythirties@yahoo.com Thanks so much, and I’m sorry breast cancer has touched your loved ones, too. Warmest wishes, L


  1. I have only had the opportunity to visit Puerto Rico once while on an extended day layover at the airport — I have always wanted to go back and your photos remind me of that wish list item! Fascinating place — and we only spent the day exploring the forts and character-filled cobblestone streets of Old San Juan!


  2. Between this post and the previous post, I noticed your beautiful hair is short. Did you end up donating it, after all? And yes, I have to agree with everyone else… it was tough to ‘like’ that last post because none of us want to see you suffer. I also agree; you are VERY beautiful. Your ability to keep this blog going is so courageous. As my friend Dana says, who is in remission, “Suck it, Cancer.” I’m so happy you had a vacation.


    • Thank you so much! Your comments always tug at my heartstrings!
      Yes, the plan was to go forward with donating it, so when it began to fall out from chemo, a friend’s mom came over to cut it. But then my friend jme (who had flown back here for the start of chemo) took it and had it made into a wig for me! I was against it at first, but my boys (kindergarteners at the time) had confided in her that they would be less traumatized by the cancer stuff if I still “had” my hair.
      It turned out to be a good thing for them because I’ve lost my hair completely to chemo twice.
      I still had regrets about not donating to Locks of Love again (I’d gotten into the habit of growing my hair for the cause), but the same amazing friend who did this for me turned around and donated her own lovely hair to LOL soon afterward, so I guess it all worked out!
      I am glad to hear that your friend Dana is in remission and I hope she is for a very looong time! I love her “Suck it, Cancer” saying!
      And thank you for saying that I’m beautiful — I don’t feel that most days, so you’ve given my self-esteem a nice boost!
      Thanks so much!! And I hope things with you are okay. I haven’t had a chance to visit your blog recently, but I plan too very soon! xo


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