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The Scar Project — Reblogging this from The Sarcastic Boob

The Sarcastic Boob

I was benignly checking Twitter one day when I saw a tweet from Anne Marie Ginanni (Stupid Dumb Bread Cancer) that Facebook was taking down pictures from The Scar Project’s FB page.   A further tweet by David Jay, the photographer who undertook this project, informed us that Facebook had also banned him from posting for thirty days.

Why is this important?  Facebook, in its decision to censor these photographs, has placed the project’s images in the same category of images that objectify women and sexualize the female breast.  We all know that breast cancer is not a pink ribbon, but Facebook seems to think that images of amputation or reconstruction is erotic and therefore a violation of their terms of service.

To call attention to this misguided policy and with the desire to change it, I have started a petition to call Facebook’s attention to this…

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2 thoughts on “The SCAR Project

    • What a wonderful birthday gift! (Well, I guess not everyone would agree 😉 , but I think so!)… Though I’ve only viewed the photos online and have yet to see them in print, I would have to agree with you. I’m glad such a project exists. Thanks for your comment!


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