Brinker Stinker: A Reminder of What Susan G. Komen is Not About . . .


This blogging thing can sometimes feel like a burden. It seems that I never know how to begin or finish a post anymore. I want to write, probably need to write, and most definitely I feel a responsibility to write. Especially when it has been the kind of week this past week has been in the breast cancer community.

In the past week, two of my friends have had cancer return and a third friend, who has been living with metastatic breast cancer for some time, is now dealing with very severe health problems due to her treatment (to put it mildly, she is in a great deal of pain). This is part of the world of breast cancer. It is not the pink bowed version of things that the Susan G. Komen Foundation sells (mammograms and early detection equal a cure, etc.). Well, clearly mammograms and early detection do…

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4 thoughts on “Brinker Stinker: A Reminder of What Susan G. Komen is Not About . . .

  1. It’s infuriating and sad at the same time, to imagine that a venture which started out with the same feelings you have now – grief for the loss of a loved one – can have wandered so far from its mission and its core.
    I posted this response on the original post as well…This is a strong reminder for everyone donating money to any charity, to check out where the donated money is going. In fact, now there are sites available to help you do that – like,, and Of course, some of these are better than others, and they don’t always agree, but they’re a place to start. The listing at for Komen is interesting…. As a breast cancer survivor myself, I have asked people who want to donate to consider our local cancer treatment centers and their research efforts. They don’t have a huge infrastructure to support, and they helped me.


    • So well stated. I agree wholeheartedly. I’m sure the intention was good in the beginning, so it is sad that there is a growing contingent of breast cancer patients/survivors/family members like you and I who have been disheartened by their more recent behavior.
      I am glad you have found support from your local cancer treatment centers. I, too, encourage anyone who will listen to support organizations that fund research, etc. It is a shame that well-intended funds often go to organizations and ‘pink’ causes that may not do what the original donors envisioned. My hope is that our efforts to educate will help, even if it is just a little.
      Thank you, TRS, for your comment, for your efforts, and for providing the links above. I wis you didn’t have personal experience with this nasty disease! xoxo


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