And Tonight We Danced…


breast cancer thirties 30s 30's dancing kids twins

Tonight we danced…
You and you and I…
We danced in the living room, between chairs
and beneath shiny blue paper stars and an off-white sky
Some days I wonder when it will all end
Some nights I lie awake knowing it can’t last
And fearing the day when you will no longer have a Mom
But for now, for tonight,
You are mine
And I am yours
For tonight your giggles will echo as you step on my toes
And we will dance and twirl ’til our heart’s content
You and you and I…

10 thoughts on “And Tonight We Danced…

  1. Wonderful sentiments, put into memorable words that your children will never forget. You provide for their ‘now’ by loving them. They will remember you always as a very special ‘Mom.’
    May you be granted the time to share many more memories with all your loved ones.
    Chris x


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