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***Reblogging this post because I think it is full of terrific info.
I have been meaning to write a Lymphedema and Cellulitis post since I started this blog, but Denise beat me to it — and I think her post is GREAT, so I’m just going to reblog hers.
I think the section on cellulitis is especially important. I had my first run-in with cellulitis at the end of last may when we were on vacation & I had no out of state coverage. I didn’t know what it was — I thought it was a terrible and painful sunburn (that only appeared on my lymphedema arm (an arm that was fully covered and couldn’t possibly have gotten burned!)). And it did almost kill me. I had to seek emergency care on vacation — and when we got off the plane at home, I had to go straight to the emergency room at the hospital (where I remained for much of the next few weeks). It took multiple hospitalizations, a ton of antibiotics, and a wonderful infectious disease specialist to get it under control — even still, it was September before it was finally considered “controlled.” I just had it again a few weeks ago (on vacation!), but knew what I was looking at this time, so I immediately started on the emergency antibiotics I brought with me, and I came out of it unscathed this time.
Special thanks to Denise! You are doing everyone a GREAT service by posting about LE and especially cellulitis. I hope everyone who has had lymph nodes removed (or who loves someone who has had lymph node surgeries) takes the time to read this!
~L @ CancerInMyThirties

LymphedivablogWhen the title of this Blog Post entered your Inbox, let’s face it, your heart did not go pitter patter with excitement.  Please try to stick it out!!!  You will learn something and I will attempt to give you a few laughs along the way!   You and your Lymphatic System have something in common–   misunderstood and under appreciated. There are 500 to 700 lymph nodes in the body. Who would think if you have one or a few of those removed, in my case 14, it could cause so much trouble?

My Lymphedema was under control until I picked up those 3 plastic bags of groceries with my impacted arm and then my POOF of Lymphedema came back with a vengeance. Now you cannot yell at me because admit it, you have done it and later regretted it even if you have no chance of Lymphedema.  Who wants to…

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