DP Challenge: I Wish I Were… Going to Live to See My Kids Grow Up


breast cancer thirties 30s motherhood death dying

I’m a little late to the party, but I just discovered The Daily Post and the blog’s weekly challenge for bloggers.

This week’s challenge is to finish this sentence:  “I Wish I Were…”

Thirty years ago I would have said, “I wish I were a farmer or a doctor or a scientist.” Twenty years ago I would have said, “I wish I were destined for greatness.”  Ten years ago I would have said, “I wish I were someone who could change the world in a positive and enduring way.”

Today I would say, “I wish I were going to live long enough to see my twins turn eighteen.”

Of course I know it is still possible.  “They” say anything is possible.  I just don’t think it is very likely.  No, I’m not one of the women on those TLC shows about ladies who have their first baby at age 70.  And, no, I’m not someone who believes in the Mayan Calendar doomsday prediction for next month.

I am just a mom in her thirties who was diagnosed with Her2 positive Stage IIIc breast cancer when her little boys were in kindergarten.  I now realize that to these young boys, I am a doctor, a farmer and a scientist.  To these little boys, I am great.  And if I can just stick around long enough to help them grow, I will be changing the world in the most positive and enduring way possible…

breast cancer thirties babies 30s death dying love

*If you’d like to take the challenge yourself: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/weekly-writing-challenge-i-wish-i-were/

15 thoughts on “DP Challenge: I Wish I Were… Going to Live to See My Kids Grow Up

  1. I echo what travelgardeneat said about the “like.” It’s not because of the cancer. It’s because I stand alongside of you in your dream. I too hope and pray that you will be there to watch your boys grow.


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  3. Such precious boys! You have much to fight for. For all of us, the future is unknown and today is a blessing (it’s just easier to pretend otherwise when you don’t have, or know that you have, a serious illness). I send thoughts of hope, healing, and a cure your way.


  4. Your wish is gut-wrenching. I’m picturing you full of healing light, and lots of joy and laughter. I’ll be following you and sure would love to identify you as more than ‘Cancer….’ I don’t believe it is who your are. Perhaps in your ‘about’ section you could leave us a name, so we can send our healing thoughts to her, (the real you), though I understand not wanting to place your real name out here. Maybe you could leave us a name you love, that is dear to your heart, that speaks to your perfect soul? (Mine is Nancy, but I wish it were Lila, or Lily, maybe Eva 😉


    • Thanks so much for your lovely comments, Nancy. I found them in the spam box (which I just discovered tonight!), so I just read them for the first time. Thank you for your kind words… And I will consider sharing my name. I haven’t told people in my ‘real’ life about the blog, but I am planning to share it at some point — and then I will definitely include my name…
      Thanks so much — and sorry for not acknowledging your comments sooner!
      P.S. I love your name — it was also my dear Nanna’s (the first loved one I lost to cancer) name…
      Warmest wishes & thoughts…


  5. Your wish is gut-wrenching. I am picturing you awash in healing light, lots of smiles and laughter. I’ll be following you, as will many others, I predict, and it would be great to have a name to send prayers besides “Cancer…” That’s not who you are, but I can understand you not wanting to put your real name out there. Perhaps there is a name you love, that speaks to your perfect soul, that you could place in your ‘about’ section for your well-wishing fans?


  6. I wish for your wish to come true! Again, thank you for sharing with us. Your boys are so precious! I love your photos, especially the one of you walking with them on the beach! 🙂 many hugs !


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